Healthcare Journey – A New Approach

| January 14, 2018

I firmly believe there are good doctors, nurses, administrators, pharmacists, insurance claims officer (well maybe not this one) working in the medical industry. The point is there are good people out there. The other point is that there are also some very bad people out there and the ratio seems to be weighted towards the latter. Now that is not to say as individuals they are bad murderous people. However, the entry into healthcare has a very low bar and the system they are apart of is not set up for people to grow and thrive.

I have been to many doctors in my life, stayed in many hospitals, cared for loved ones, watched some live, while others died. One of the constants I have seen is the culture of healthcare delivery and I have to say it is concerning, to say the least.

A culture of dominance, arrogance, profit, and personal agendas. It is anything but patient-centered. If healthcare is a business, it is doing a poor job of taking care of its customers.

Culture shift can happen in any industry, the people we employ to protect and serve us in the areas of law enforcement are now under scrutiny, for decades of unchecked behavior.

With the invention of the smartphone people now have a tool to shine a light on a situation that was previously unprosecutable. How do you go to the police on the police?

In the same way, people jump from doctor to doctor seeking answers and understanding to their healthcare concerns. Above all people are seeking dignity and respect from a physician they can literally trust with their lives and the lives of their families. Many times after leaving a doctors appointment I have felt worse, filled with questions, and no recourse to have my questions addressed. How can you make a decision about an exploratory surgery that could take you out of work for weeks in a split second? Can I afford the time off or even the cost of the deductible to get the surgery? Who will take care of me after the surgery? Is this the doctor I want cutting me open? Is there another option? There are many life situations to consider.

Many times I have left the doctors office having felt scolded and belittled – how dare I have questions about my own body and health. Something has got to change!

It is my belief that the same change agent using to redirect the culture of the law enforcement industry is the same one that we can use to redirect the culture of our healthcare industry.

The smartphone.

As a member of several healthcare organizations, I receive a constant flow of communications about how technology is improving healthcare. With the smartphone, we can document our healthcare experiences in any environment. This is going to be the key to changing our healthcare culture.

This is going to be my practice, my tool of empowerment working with healthcare professionals moving forward. I don’t expect it to be well received, I don’t expect to make friends, I do however hope to be part of the ripple effect and the more people that shine the light of the smartphone on the healthcare industry the sooner changes will begin to take place.

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Just a small town widow living in a lonely world looking for a midnight train going anywhere but here.

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